Center for Clinical Studies

Service portfolio

The Center for Clinical Studies offers professional support in conception, planning, realization, evaluation and publication of clinical studies. The service portfolio comprises support in selected single services as well as comprehensive study support.

The main focus of activities is on the following prospective single- and multicenter study types:

-          Clinical trials of drugs (phase II-IV)

-          Clinical trials of medical devices and non-medical treatments

-          Non-interventional studies, primarily registry studies

-          Diagnostic studies

-          Prognosis studies

Non-commercial studies initiated and conducted by physicians and scientists are the main field of action. Framework conditions on cooperation with the Center for Clinical Studies are regulated by the rules of procedure of Jena University Hospital.

Selection criteria for studies supported by ZKS Jena are clinical relevance, scientific quality, feasibility and available or possible financial and human resources.

Membership in the KKS Network